Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Romwe Clearance

Hi Everyone!

It has been quite sometime since I have written a blog post but I am happy to say I have been on top of uploading videos and if you have been watching my videos you know I have been talking a lot about my all time favorite online store, Romwe.  In my mind they have the perfect clothes, jewelry and accessories and they have the most unique pieces that fit my style!  And what I love about them is they get new merchandise in everyday, not many web sites or even stores do that so there is always new things to browse around and check out.
What I really love about Romwe is there always seems to be some sort of sale or online promotion going on!  I mean who doesn't love a good sale.  And I am writing this post to let you all know about this great summer clearance event that they is having.  Starting August 24th till the 31st Romwe will be offering 5%-60% off select items.  All the merchandise is already marked at super affordable prices to this discount is amazing.  On top of this percentage off Romwe is having a coupon code for an extra 15% off a total purchase of only 70$ or more.  To receive the 15% off just enter the coupon code "clearnce15%" off at check out.
Linked below is the first haul and styling video I ever uploaded featuring clothing from Romwe.  I just receive another package from them so keep an eye out for that video and I plan on ordering while they are having this amazing summer clearance so expect another video in the near future showing off the pieces I will be picking up :)

So make sure you check out their site you will not be disappointed! Click HERE check them out

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Spring and Summer Wish List

Bold bright pops of colors, fun neons and making a statement is big this spring and summer.  I love the idea of exciting colors and am really looking forward to picking up some pieces to add to my wardrobe that really fit these trends. 

As of right now I have not done much shopping for “trendy” pieces; all I have picked up are a few fun high low articles of clothing, which I have featured in recent hauls. While I love the high low trend for tops, skirt and dresses I would like to now focus on the color trends for this season.

Below are a few must have items I would love to get before this neon and bright color trend disappears as quickly as it came.

The Rebecca Minkoff cross body bag is all over YouTube! Almost every guru has one and while I love the bag it is a little out of my price range since it is not a “classic” bag that I can use for years to come.  Instead I have found two great alternatives that are way more affordable from an awesome store called Francesca’s Collections.  I love Francesca’s and buy dresses from there all the time.  While I have never purchased a bag from them before I trust the stores quality and I believe it will not fall apart after a few uses.   I plan on buying the bag in person and comparing the two to see which is more my style. 

I picked the bags I did because of their fun colors and size.  For me a smaller cross body bag is important, if it is to big I think it will look very awkward and I probably will never wear it.

Colored pants are so fun.  I am so worried that since I am tall and do have more curves to my body I will not be able to find a pair that fit me nicely, I have the hardest time jean shopping and usually pick up more “stretchy” jeans so they are fit my thighs and butt but not be huge on my waist.  So bright pants shopping may be a little more challenging however I think to fix the height “problem” I will check out cropped bright pants.  I also think since they are cropped they will be better for summer time and more day time appropriate.

Express has these pants in so many awesome colors and I want them all! While they are called jeggings, I would like to try them on in person and see how they look.  Also Express is having a buy one get one 50% off sale on these pants and since they are a little expensive I might have to take advantage of this deal asap.

As I said before I love the high low trend! It is honestly all I would wear if I could but then I might over kill it.  The last high low item I want is a chiffon skirt, they are so beautiful and classy looking.  There is a bcbg one I feel in love with but at $100 I could not bring myself to buy it.  I want to look at forever 21 again and would like to buy it in the store and not order if off line. 

After much looking I was not even able to find a picture online of a skirt I liked :\ hopefully I will just come across one one day while shopping!

Bright linen shorts are another must have for me.  I would like for them to be either a linen or light material like that, not jeans.  I am really not a huge fan of jean shorts but I am always reaching for my linen or cargo material shorts because I just feel way more comfortable in them.

While these shorts are not linen they are still that light material I like. The color is fun and not to bold, I would love to go check them out at forever 21.