Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March Favorites

NARS LipGloss in Turkish Delight - $24
NARS counters, Sephora and

My long nails
Essie nail polish - $7-8 (depending on where you buy)
Ulta, Wal-Mart, Target and
loads more places sells Essie
Sally Hansen Salon Effects - $7.50-10 & up
Wal-Mart, Target, CVS, Walgreens and
many more drugstores sell these

e.l.f. Translucent Matifying Powder - $3
Some Targets, and
(you can faintly see it on my wrist ;) it really is translucent)

Diamond Shine Shampoo & Conditioner - $6.99 each*
I have only seen these in stores at Sally Beauty Supply and

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Roller - $11.99
Target, CVS and
other drugstores
NARS Concealer in Custard - $22
NARS counters, Sephora and
e.l.f. Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter in Light/Glow ** - $3
Some Targets, and

* online they are coming up as a higher price
** In the video I said it only came in one shade but I was mistaken,
my target only carried one shade, it actually comes in three

*** links will take you right to the item on the website mentioned ;) ***

Monday, March 28, 2011

Beauty and Fashion Haul!

Target -

Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller - $11.99

e.l.f. eyelid primer - $1

e.l.f. Studio Line
Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths - $3
Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 in Porcelain - $3
Minty Lip Gloss in Nashville - $3
Under Eye Concealer & Highlighter - $3
Complexion Brush - $3

Sinful Colors in Pinky Glitter - $1.99
Sally Hansen Salon Effects in IT GIRL - $8.99 (on sale!)
Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Kitty Kitty - $8.50**
Sally Hansen Hard as Nails - $1.99

Kohl's -
Kohl's always has a sale going on and there is almost always a coupon going around with your kohl's charge card. I am going to list the sale prices I paid but those are subject to change :)

Apt. 9 Grey Gladiator Sandals - $49.99 original price - on sale for $29.99

Vera Wang Flats - $23.99 (clearance)

MUDD Graphic T-shirt (Juniors) - $24 original price - on sale for $9.99

LC Lauren Conrad Ruffle Drop-Waist Camisole - $36 original - on sale for $24.99

ELLE Floral Empire Dress Maxi Dress - $60 original - on sale for $41.99

** I bought that one at Wal-Mart

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Best Shampoo and Conditioners for Dry Damaged Hair

Mane n’ Tail and Body - I know this is meant to be used on horses but it is safe to use on human hair! And I also know some people might think it is a little strange to use something on your hair that is meant for horse but trust me it is worth it.

This line is suppose to make your hair grow faster, and give you strong, healthier hair. I am happy to say it has lived up to those claims.

I am already on my second bottle of the shampoo and I will continue to use it forever ;)

I have been it sold at Sally Beauty Supply, Wal-Mart, and drug stores. Shampoo and Conditioner both cost around 6 Dollars

Diamond Shine - As soon as I heard that these has diamond micro-particles I thought that was the coolest thing ever!

The shampoo is going to give your hair 2 times more shine and strength. Along with the diamond micro-particles the shampoo has panthenol, and keratin.

My hair feels great after I use these.

I found these at Sally Beauty Supply and I have not seen them anywhere else. And when you buy in the store they cost 6.99 each.

One n’ Only - This is the best shampoo if you do not want anything harmful in your products. It’s sulfate, phosphate, and paraben free but it still can get your hair clean. The shampoo has a nice lather and leaves my hair with a nice shine. The conditioner is super moisturizing.

When using both they claim to reconstruct, detangle and replenish, revitalize, and help weak damaged hair. I am quite pleased with the result when I use these two and I also love the whole line.

I bought these from Sally Beauty Supply and they were under 10 dollars.,default,pd.html

REDKEN Extreme - WOW is all I can say, this is by far my favorite. It smells awesome and I have never seem my hair in a better state then when I use the shampoo and conditioner. My hair is silky, has a great shine, soft, and my ends do not look dry or damaged.

If you only want to try one set that I mentioned I can honestly say these are the ones to get.

I bought them from Ulta when they were on a great sale. I am not sure how much I paid exactly but they cost $28.50 for the huge bottle but I think I got it for around 50 % off.

Joico Body Luxe - Joico makes some great products. I really enjoy how my hair looks after I use their Body Luxe shampoo and conditioner, my hair appears healthier and thicker and not limp and dry like it use to look.

Joico can be bought at salons that carry their products and I have also seem their products at Ulta. They cost around 8 dollars each so the price is not bad for a salon brand.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Nails

I bought another Sally Hansen Salon Effects in Kitty Kitty. I love animal print and I needed these as soon as I saw them.

Now as for the color on the rest of my nails I have tried two colors out.

The first one was way to nude and close to my skin tone and honestly I did not think it went well with the cheetah print. It was an Essie polish in Naked Truth. I hated how I had to use about 4 coats for it to finally show up and by then it was just to thick and did not look the best.

Two days later I changed the color to another Essie nail polish in Jazz and I love the color! (it is my older sister Isa's nail polish) It is a great nude and has more of a purple tint to it. While I love the color I do not think it goes that great with the cheetah nail but it works for now.

I will probably want to change the color in the next few days. Maybe I will use a gold to pull out one of the colors in the Sally Hansen nail strips. However, as I said before I do not have many nail polish colors because I never use to paint my nails but now that I have stopped biting my nails I would love to starting buying some nail polish.

Or I might be willing to try this cheetah on all of my nails, it might be a little much but it could be fun ;)

Also I think everyone will be happy to hear that I was able to use one strip for 2 nails! :D A lot of people asked if it was possible and the answer for me is yes it is.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Higher Quality Videos - Brand New Camcorder

I have been planning on investing in a HD camcorder for quite sometime. I knew I wanted a Canon because my digital camera is a Canon (it is a powershot SD 780 is) and at the time it was one of the best digital cameras Canon made. Now do not get me wrong I love that camera and it is awesome the only problem is it was not the best for video, I mean it is a digital camera so what do I expect, but it worked for the time being and gave me pretty good quality videos. So knew the brand I just needed to pick the model and there are so many different ones out there! The most expensive is not necessarily the best one, it all depending on what features you want. I did not need super fancy features but I did make a short list of what I wanted and I did not want to settle:

- First of course it had to be HD.

- Second I wanted a camera with a great focus, I wanted to be able to have it focus on small print and I wanted to be able to hold something up have it focus and then have the camera focus back on me quickly without it being blurry for more than 5 seconds.

- Third I wanted it to be able 6 Megapixel and while I am not able to explain exactly what a megapixel is I knew the higher the number the better.

I picked out a camcorder a few months ago and it ended up being discontinued so I could not find it anywhere :( I gave up and figured I would just wait till I could pick another camera I liked that was not crazy expensive.

In the last few days I start looking at camcorders again and came across the VIXIA HF S200, it was awesome and I really wanted it. However, when I went to my Best Buy they did not carry it. Not only did they not carry the S200 but they had very few camera out and most of the displays were empty. There was one display with no camera (it was just a sign) that caught my eye, the VIXIA HF S20 on sale for 200 dollars off! I figured that was a better camera and on sale is was less than the HF S200. But my Best Buy only had a used one and I did not want to buy a used camera.

Since there were no other HF S20s in my Best Buy an associate offered to call other stores and see if anyone else had the VIXIA HF S20 in stock and luckily on Best Buy did, it was just quite far but so worth the drive :)

Bottom line, at the end of the long day I came home with a better camera, VIXIA HF S20, it was on sale for a better price than the original one I was looking at, VIXIA HF S200 :D


Monday, March 21, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I love these Sally Hansen Salon Effects! They are probably one of the coolest things I have tried out in a while. And the fact that they are so easy to apply just make them that much better.

Pros -

Easy to apply - I am not the best at painting my own nails with nail polish and this is much easier. There is no mess that can be made on your own skin or anywhere else. They are so easy I had no problem applying them to both hands, usually with nail polish I have painting my right hand with my left hand and that was not the case.

No dry time - This is probably my favorite feature! I hate waiting for my nail polish to dry and I almost always mess them up. With these salon effects you can go right on with your day and not have to wait or limit the activities you can do.

Designs - I am no nail expect and I know I could never paint the awesome design they sell on my nails myself! They have lace, animal print, butterflies, floral prints and so many more!

Long lasting - Whenever I get my nails painted with nail polish or I paint them myself they end up chipping very quickly, like within the first day or two. With these nail strips I have not experienced any problems with chipping and by applying a clear top coat you can help them last longer.

Cons -

Price - These are on the expensive side costing $8.50 or more, depending on where you buy*. Yes a good bottle of nail polish cost around that but with nail polish you can paint your nails hundreds of times before you even get half way done with the bottle.

Quantity - I dislike that there are only 16 strips, I wish there were 20. While I did not apply them to all nails if I wanted to I would only have enough for all the fingers once and then just have 6 left over. Yes the strips are very long and you might be able to use half of the strip on another nail (and by doing that you would get more for your money) but what if your nails are very long and you need most of the strip to over your nail.

Colors - While they have awesome designs and a lot of colors to pick from all the solid colors are funky and bright. Yes I love crazy fun nails but I would like for them to come out with a few basic non neon colors. This is not a total a "con" because I am mostly pleased with the solid color selection.

Overall I would give these Sally Hansen Salon Effects a 8 of 10 because to me the only downside is the price.

While I have only tried one set this is an item I will repurchase and I look forward to trying out even more styles and colors :)

* Wal-mart sells them for the best price of $8.50. They were most expensive at CVS, coming in over 10 dollars! I have seen then at Walgreens, Target, and Stop and Shop all for around 9 dollars.

Starting Fresh

I wanted to delete my other post and start fresh on this blog! I love reading blogs I want to find time to blog more and I have serious motivation :) I will be posting with every video I upload to my beauty channel and I plan on posting here when I want to say something but for various reason do not plan on posting a video on the topic.