Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project Empty Bottle IV

I really thought I was going to finish more than I did! I mean I did use a lot but I was expecting a list of about 20 things.  My total from last week was 2.5, so anything more than that is good, and you check out all my prior weeks, I II and III.  I have been sticking with this and I am proud of myself for not going slipping up and buying stuff when I said I would not :)

I have talked about this in so many videos! It totally helped my hair and I need to rebuy it once I have no more shampoos left.  I love all the products I have tried from them but the conditioner and I just think you need to try the shampoo if you have frizzy, damaged, unmanageable hair like I did.
Counts as 1

This was a nice conditioner.  BUT I never knew it was a leave in treatment till I just read it right now online.  I would either slept with it in my hair or I would use it in the shower.  I think it would work even better as a leave in treatment I just never knew it was, very interesting haha. But as a conditioner you wash out it was one of my favorites.
Counts as 1

I really like this but I will not be repurchasing this any time soon because I have TWO more full bottles.. yeah I know that is bad! I can not believe I have so many bottles of it.  I plenty left so no need to buy another.
Counts as .5

Is that bad that I forgot I had this! I also forgot that I liked it so much.  And you know the worst part, I had 2 bottles, one a little used and other almost empty but I finished one of the two and I will not need to rebuy it for awhile.  I just am amazed I forgot about BOTH bottles.
Counts as .5

Last week 2.5 
+ This week 3
= 5.5
Not to bad, now next week that will be the long week! I mean it this time, I am so close to finishing up a lot of face washes and some styling products.  I have not finished as many face washes and acne products as I would like but it is not like I am buying another new so it is all good ;)

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project Empty Bottle III

I have been so good with finishing up my bottles! I usually update this on Wednesday so sorry for being a little late but this week was a little slow compared to my last week, which you can check out here and if you have no idea what I am talking about you can click here and read all about it :)

This week I finished up 3 different products.

This was a huge bottle and I can not believe I finally finished it up.  This conditioner totally saved my hair and I was little upset when I finished it because of how much I loved it and how expensive it was.  But I plan to buy it again in the future.
Counts as 1

Another product that worked wonderfully in my hair.  It got my hair clean without stripping it.  This shampoo actually put moisture and shine back in hair and it totally change my hair texture.  I have talked about this line in a ton of videos and will be buying it again, it is not only affordable but it works.
Counts as 1

I can not believe I still had something left in this bottle.  I got this conditioner for my birthday in a set from my parents and I just left it in my shower for months without using it.  I had forgotten how awesome JOICO is, I want to buy my next shampoo from them just because I remembered how amazing the line was.
Counts a .5

Total this week - 2.5

I still have 4 more shampoos, 2 or 3 conditioners, 2 hair masks, loads of after shower hair products and more face products then I can count. I have not finished any skin care products this week but I am getting to the end of a few of them and I think next week my list we will very very long. But this project is going very well and I will not buy any shampoos or conditioners till I need to and have ZERO left haha :)

I did not finish 7 bottles but I did end up getting something for my face!  My mom bought it for me and it was the Biore Daily Cleansing Cloths.  I needed them for after my gym class to cleanse my face without having to wash it.  I told my mom I was going to wait to buy it and she knew how badly I needed them so she just bought them for me :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Project Empty Bottle II

This is my second update for my own version of "Project 10 Pan" or Project Empty Bottle.  Check out the first one here :)

I have finished up quite a few more bottles and I have the tally at 2.5 and since my last week I finished up some face and hair products that put me at 7!  I even ended up picking up a hair item from Ulta that I will talk about later on.

Love Love Love! such an awesome face wash, it has seriously helped my skin so much.  I have raved about it in past videos and I will without a doubt be repurchasing it!
Counts as 1

I think this is a nice deep conditioner.  I love the results I just wish it was more easily available, the only way I can pick it up is if I order it from amazon.  Because I can not go to walmart or a local store I do not think I will be repurchasing it.  The online price is pretty expensive and shipping is a lot too :(
Counts as 1

I had two bottle of this shampoo open at the same time and I finally finished one of the two! This shampoo will always be in my shower.  It leaves my hair looking great and it has actually made my hair grow faster.  One of the best shampoos out there :)
Counts as .5

I love this dry shampoo and this bottle is pretty new.  Isa has been using it with me but I will count it as 1 bottle.  I did pick up a new dry shampoo and if I do not like the new one this one will be repurchased.  I have raved about it in the past and it is great to give you fresh clean looking hair. 
Counts as 1

Finally finished this conditioner.  This bottle seemed to last a while and I have been using it so i could finally get it out of the shower.  Even though I wanted to be done with it it doesn't mean that I did not like this.  I actually really loved it.  I think I love to many products and as most of the others I will be wanting to use this for my hair in the future.
Counts a .5

I actually finished two bottles of this! I was using two at the same time and both only had a little left.  I want this scrub to be my daily face wash so I will be repurchasing this and using it for a long time.  I rave about it all the time and love the results it gives my skin.
Counts as .5

This was a good week for using products and I did reward myself for finally finishing 7 in the last 2 weeks.  I am getting done with a few more bottles and I am proud of myself for reducing my collection so much!!

My One Purchase

Isa and I both wanted to try this and we plan no sharing it.  I would still count this as my one item when I finished 7 bottles.