Sunday, July 31, 2011

Giselle Cosmetics

I just mentioned these 8 in 1 eye shadows from Giselle Cosmetics in my July Favorites* however, they were sent to me back in the middle of May 2011 from a representative of Sun Lab who I was working with for a few weeks at the time.  She sent me these eyeshadows and did not even ask for me to do a video on them, she just wanted me to try them out and she knew I would like them.  Which I do, I actually love these sets and I want them all!! I was sent two sets, Terra Bella and Las Vegas (I was allowed to pick which ones I wanted and those were my two favorite)

There are 12 sets in total on the website and each cost only $14.97.  Honestly they are well worth it and for me that is not a lot, I also do not think many people would think that is a lot either.  You get 8 super pigmented eyeshadows, and they is a generous amount of product in each color.

My one complaint is the pictures on the web site do not match the actual products.  The Las Vegas set is super bright and fun, while on the web site the colors do not look like that at all.

 Las Vegas online pictures
Las Vegas actual swatches 

 Terra Bella online picture
Terra Bella actual swatches 

Terra Bella is closer to the online swatches then Las vegas was.

I have been now using them since I recieved them and I adore them and plan on doing some tutorials in the up coming weeks using them.  I think I did not do a video sooner because if you check out my channel you see that other then my two new make up tutorials I have not done one in months.  But now I have a good set up and HD camera so I love to record tutorials.

*click on "July Favorites" to be taken to that post.

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