Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Dyeing Your Hair The Perfect Red & Products To Maintain

I am loving me new fall hair color! It is super different but I wanted a change :)
I wanted to share with you all the products I use to maintain this color and exact what dye I love to get this fun fall color.
Hair dye -
Crimson Obsession from Splat!
I did bleach my hair first but my hair was also blonde prior to using the color.  I more just bleached it because my roots were looking very rough.
I left the color in for 25 minutes but I would recommend about 30-40 minutes if you want it darker.  Just be careful because the box says do not leave in for longer than 30 minutes.
Maintaining the color -
Dry shampoo: I am loving the one from Dry Bar! Dry shampoo is a great product to use between washing your hair to keep it look refreshed and volumized.  It is $20 and can be purchased at Sephora, any Dry Bar location or from their website.  This dry shampoo really is the best in my opinion or at least the best I have tried and I have tried quite a few!

When you do wash your hair make sure you are using cold water, this is super important and something that will make a huge difference.

The shampoo you use is also a big deal; color extending will work but I think this one from Sally Beuaty Supply is even better.  if it from the brand Quantum and it is their riveting reds color replenishing shampoo. This shampoo is wonderful because it is actually tinted red! I have used tinted shampoos before when my hair was brown and I actually think they make a bid difference in refreshing you hair color.  I also picked up the conditioner that from the same line and brand, and like the shampoo it is red as well.

Finally I know most people love to mix their hair dye in with the conditioner they are using but since you should only being putting conditioner on your ends this trick does not help with your fading roots.  What I like to do instead is mix the hair dye in with my L'Oreal cleansing conditioner.  This sulfate free cleansing conditioner can clean you hair while not stripping away the color like a normal shampoo can and will do.

Let me know if you guys have any other tips or tricks for maintaining a fun hair color :)



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