Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shopping List

I love to shop but honestly I do not shop that much and I usually only buy things when I really really need or want it.  I wanted to make a shopping list of realistic items I want to buy in the near future, these products are not anything huge but just little things I really like.

My favorite color and the reason I NEED this is because of "Nude Beach" hahaha weird name but beautiful color.  However, I do not need any more eye shadows!! I have more then I could ever use so I will be waiting on this palette.  

I need a new set because I have had my pair since November 2010!! I can not believe they have lasted this long but I did have to cut them 2 times and they are pretty short now :\ I just really want a new set but since I do not know what I want to do with my hair color I almost do not want to invest in a super expensive pair.  I think I might get an inexpensive pair from Sally Beauty Supply before I order a set from HeadKandy, which is my dream hair extensions.  The only downside to the pair from Sally's is that you have to sew on your own clips but I think this set will match my hair and I do not have to dye them like the pair I have now.

Toms - $54.00

I want a few new pairs! I love the cheetah ones and I just saw them as soon as I went on the web site to find the link to the glitter ones.  Toms are so comfortable and stylish and I still think it is cool that they donate a pair to child.  It sounds dumb but I alway love them I see people wearing them haha.

Sam Edelman.... my FAV (other than toms haha) shoe designer.  His shoes are amazing and beautiful and unique and awesome.  Isa wanted to buy me Tory Burch flats for my birthday because I have always wanted those but she said if I wanted she would get me these for my birthday if I want them instead.

I thought my list was way way longer but I might make a part 2 because I do not know what else I wanted haha, maybe it is a good thing ;)


  1. those pink toms are super cute!

  2. This Too faced eyeshadow palette is really nice.

  3. Pink Cheetah Print Toms Are So Cute :D I Must Have x