Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Clearing Up Acne - Cetaphil Products (Love Or Hate?)

I feel like I am constantly struggling with acne and other skin issues :\ Between stress and hormones I think I am breaking out every other week.  I recently have gone back to using one of my favorite skin care lines, Cetaphil.  While there are some products I don't like from them there Antibacterial Cleansing Soap is a must have in my skin care routine.

This soap is ideal for dealing with acne you already have and it does help reduce the chance of new break outs.

Check out the video to hear more about what doesn't work for my from the Cetaphil Skin Care line! 
Also I can do a full skin care routine to let everyone know what I like for all my other skin issues like large pores and scarring.
Love, Angela

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