Monday, September 29, 2014

FF - Starting A Healthy Lifestyle & Grocery Haul

I figured I would start this post with a little background on my struggles with weight loss.

Sometimes I feel like I am constantly starting a new diet or trying to get into better shape but I can not seem to stick to anything.  I do eat relatively healthy but my major downfall is drinking alcohol.  I am never one to just drink to drink though, I do not have beer with dinner or wine after a meal, I am a total social drinker and only drink when I am going out.

In college I put on a lot of weight from how much I went out and how much I would drink. After graduating college I just expected the weight to fall off cause I thought my social life would be gone once I got a job.  However, that was not a case; since getting my job in April and over the summer I went out week nights to clubs and bars and went out pretty much every single weekend.  Don't get me wrong I had so much fun but my body it was taking its toll one me.  My weight would go up and down because I would be super healthy for a couple weeks and work out and not drink and then I would go out and be too tired to make time for the gym.

I need balance in my life and that is one of the things I struggle with the most.  Finding time to go to the gym, be social, work, have fun, make YouTube videos and never to forget just finding "me" time/doing nothing or just relaxing.  I usually will have one out weight the other and I will be super in shape but never go out or I will go out all the time and never have time to just be by myself and have that ever so important "me" time.

A few summers ago is a perfect example of my lack of balance.  I lost about 30 pounds in one summer, went to the gym 2 times a day every day and barely hung out with my friends.  My body looked great don't get me wrong but nothing about having the gym be my number one priority is "healthy".

With all this being said Isa, my sister, recently got really into instagram and started following Katy Hearn.  She basically is an instragam fit girl that is instagram famous for being a shape.  Since Isa started following her and she got inspired and motivated to sign up for one of Katys' challenges to loss weight and become toned.  Because working out and dieting alone is never fun I told Isa I would do the challenge with her since I wanted to get in shape again.

Since starting the fall challenge I must say the time flew by, it is weird to think already I am 2 weeks in! The whole fall challenge is 8 weeks and she basically gives you a work out everyday and tells you to count your marcos. Check out my video to see what I picked up for groceries to being eating healthy!

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