Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Project Empty Bottle

For those of you that have no idea what I am talking about you can watch this video below so it will make more sense :)

REDKEN Extreme Shampoo - LOVE LOVE LOVE this is my favorite shampoo ever! I had mixed feelings when I finished this bottle one because I love it so much but at the same time I was happy to finally finish a shampoo, it seemed to go on forever since it was such a large bottle.  Of course I will be repurchasing this shampoo soon, it may not be the first product I repurchase but it will always be a shampoo I use.

REDKEN All Soft Heavy Cream - I have had this deep conditioner for so long and I just left it sitting in my shower for months, I am glad to have finally finished the bottle since there was only enough long one or two uses.  Since using it I forgot how much I loved it.  It is a very nice deep conditioner and it left my hair feeling amazing.  I usually have 4-5 deep conditioners and masks for my hair going at one and once I finish them all I will be buying one at a time and this will be one of my deep conditioners I will use for a long time.

One 'n Only Restorative Mask - This is the second bottle I finished and I love this mask.  I will usually put this in my hair and sleep with it in and in the morning my hair is looking amazing.  I love this and of  course I will buying it again.

JOICO Body Luxe Thickening Shampoo - Another product that only had a little left and it was just sitting in my shower.  I do really like it though, my hair felt amazing and looked so nice after using it. I also love that it is not that expensive and you really see great results.  Like everything above I will be re-buying it once I finish all my other shampoos!

I want to get my hair products down to 2 shampoos, 1 normal conditioner and 1 hair mask/deep conditioner.  I currently have WAY more than that and need to keep myself from wanting to try anything new.  And for the bottle that only had a little left 2 of them count as 1 empty bottle, so if I finish 4 then it only counts as 2 towards my overall 7 bottles :)

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