Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Project Empty Bottle IV

I really thought I was going to finish more than I did! I mean I did use a lot but I was expecting a list of about 20 things.  My total from last week was 2.5, so anything more than that is good, and you check out all my prior weeks, I II and III.  I have been sticking with this and I am proud of myself for not going slipping up and buying stuff when I said I would not :)

I have talked about this in so many videos! It totally helped my hair and I need to rebuy it once I have no more shampoos left.  I love all the products I have tried from them but the conditioner and I just think you need to try the shampoo if you have frizzy, damaged, unmanageable hair like I did.
Counts as 1

This was a nice conditioner.  BUT I never knew it was a leave in treatment till I just read it right now online.  I would either slept with it in my hair or I would use it in the shower.  I think it would work even better as a leave in treatment I just never knew it was, very interesting haha. But as a conditioner you wash out it was one of my favorites.
Counts as 1

I really like this but I will not be repurchasing this any time soon because I have TWO more full bottles.. yeah I know that is bad! I can not believe I have so many bottles of it.  I plenty left so no need to buy another.
Counts as .5

Is that bad that I forgot I had this! I also forgot that I liked it so much.  And you know the worst part, I had 2 bottles, one a little used and other almost empty but I finished one of the two and I will not need to rebuy it for awhile.  I just am amazed I forgot about BOTH bottles.
Counts as .5

Last week 2.5 
+ This week 3
= 5.5
Not to bad, now next week that will be the long week! I mean it this time, I am so close to finishing up a lot of face washes and some styling products.  I have not finished as many face washes and acne products as I would like but it is not like I am buying another new so it is all good ;)


  1. This is such a great idea, I should really try this project myself! :) Congrats on emptying 3 new bottles :D

  2. I think this is an awesome idea, but so difficult!!! hahah
    I want to try this b/c I have so many bottles of half used products but I don't think I could stick to it :)