Thursday, June 9, 2011

Project Empty Bottle III

I have been so good with finishing up my bottles! I usually update this on Wednesday so sorry for being a little late but this week was a little slow compared to my last week, which you can check out here and if you have no idea what I am talking about you can click here and read all about it :)

This week I finished up 3 different products.

This was a huge bottle and I can not believe I finally finished it up.  This conditioner totally saved my hair and I was little upset when I finished it because of how much I loved it and how expensive it was.  But I plan to buy it again in the future.
Counts as 1

Another product that worked wonderfully in my hair.  It got my hair clean without stripping it.  This shampoo actually put moisture and shine back in hair and it totally change my hair texture.  I have talked about this line in a ton of videos and will be buying it again, it is not only affordable but it works.
Counts as 1

I can not believe I still had something left in this bottle.  I got this conditioner for my birthday in a set from my parents and I just left it in my shower for months without using it.  I had forgotten how awesome JOICO is, I want to buy my next shampoo from them just because I remembered how amazing the line was.
Counts a .5

Total this week - 2.5

I still have 4 more shampoos, 2 or 3 conditioners, 2 hair masks, loads of after shower hair products and more face products then I can count. I have not finished any skin care products this week but I am getting to the end of a few of them and I think next week my list we will very very long. But this project is going very well and I will not buy any shampoos or conditioners till I need to and have ZERO left haha :)

I did not finish 7 bottles but I did end up getting something for my face!  My mom bought it for me and it was the Biore Daily Cleansing Cloths.  I needed them for after my gym class to cleanse my face without having to wash it.  I told my mom I was going to wait to buy it and she knew how badly I needed them so she just bought them for me :)

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