Sunday, May 8, 2011

At Home Keratin Treatment

Affordable - A keratin treatment in a salon can be anywhere from 60-200+
Easy to apply - As you could see in the video the application process was simple and it took about an hour and fifteen minutes.
Results - My hair looked amazing after! While it did not eliminate all curls my frizz and split ends almost completely disappeared.

Cons -
Smell - My hair smelt so bad! I actually could not believe how terrible it smelt, the smell was the worst when I was straightening my hair but it lingered on till I washed my hair.
Appearance - My hair felt and looked greasy before I washed it out :\ I would not wait till the 48 hours was up.  This goes with appearance, I could not put my hair up to make it look less greasy, you had to keep your hair down and you could not do anything even put it behind your ears.

Advice - 
Put this treatment in your hair when you are not going anywhere or not seeing anyone.  Next time I do it I will lock myself in my house and do nothing ;) I also think I will try leaving it in for more than 48 hours, I read so reviews on salon keratin treatments and people left it in for close to 4 days. 

Overall, I would repurchase without a doubt repurchase this treatment! It was affordable and my hair looked great afterwards.  I ended up going on vacation shortly after I applied the treatment and since I went in the pool the treatment did partially get removed from my hair.  Some of the curls in my hair did come back but my hair still looks frizz free and is very soft, the wave just kind of started coming back.  For me the pros out weight the cons and this treatment is well worth it.

I do not think this treatment will be reduce super curly hair but if you want frizz eliminated and a reduction in your waves or curls I would say give this treatment a try.


  1. I really like the look of this product,im not even sure we can get it in England. Your hair looked so healthy and shiney after! x

  2. loved the video on this!

  3. ive had mine done in the salon before and it worked amazingly, ive got short hair that i straighten to style everyday! so for the first time in my life i didnt have to straighten it after washing which was amazing. it worked for a couple of months.
    just now, im trying the do-it-yourself one since its so much cheaper, havnt washed it out yet so we'll see how the results compare. :) thanks for the vids.

  4. Love this product. I hated the gooky feeling that my hair had for the first couple days though, like you said. I just washed my hair fir the first time, a week later (nasty I know) and it is still so nice and soft. Definitely would buy this product again. Nice video btw.

  5. Just wondering about how long your hair stayed frizz free? Did it really last for 30 days?

  6. Hi, great video, how long did it last? How often do you wash your hair normally because I tend to wash daily so I am thinking it will not last 30 days for me :-(. Any other keratin at home treatments you prefer?

  7. I need to try this!