Sunday, May 29, 2011

Louis Vuitton Wish List!

I really wanted to write more random blog post since as of right now most, expect for a few, of my blog post relate directly to a video.  I will still be doing that but I just wanted to also write posts on things that I either can not make a video on or things that are just to random for a video ;)

As some of you might know I love handbags, they are my total guilty pleasure and if I could I would buy every single one I like; but that is unrealistic because one I would not have the money and two I would never be able to appreciate the bag if I just keep buying new ones.  But if I was going to buy a few new bags all but one (that one other would be from Chanel) would be from my favorite accessary (I do not want to say handbags because they have so many other great things and I do not want to say fashion because they do not have my favorite clothing lol) designer, Louis Vuitton.  What girl does not love LV.

I currently have one Louis Vuitton bag which my parents bought for me as a graduation present from high school.  I was torn between the Speedy 35 and Alma but I went with the Monogram Canvas Speedy 35 because that was my dream bag forever!

Since then I have not bought any other LV bags but I did buy the Zippy Organizer in Damier Ebene Canvas.  The damier ebene is my second favorite print, and monogram is of course my favorite.

I have spent hours browsing online and in stores looking at different bags.  Below is a list and links to each item I would hopefully be able to add to my collection in the future.

The perfect carry on bag

I would never want LV luggage unless I was on my own private jet because otherwise the bag would be thrown around and ruined.  A carry on is nice because it will be with you on the plane and it will be perfect for weekend road trips.  This is probably the first item on my wish list that I will buy.

Cute shape and size

I love the alma shape.  The one downside to this alma is that it is not that big.  I love oversized bags that fir everything and while this bag will fit everything I need it is not huge.  This is more of an everyday bag when I am not in school.  (there is no way a book could fit in there)  I also like the Monogram Canvas Alma MM because it is much larger and while it is the same shape the bags looks very different.

Classic and perfect tote

Oh the neverfull, another classic and popular LV shape.  The MM is perfect for class, I really like the GM too but I am worried it would just be to big! if that is even possible.  While the Damier Ebene canvas PM is a great everyday tote and the red lining is such a fun touch!

Unique and beautiful

Wow, I love this bag.  Isa was the first one to show it to me and tell me how much she loves it, now Isa is not a big LV fan (she likes gucci more) so for her to love a LV bag it must be amazing.  I do not think I have ever seen anyone with this bag in person and I kind of like that, it would be nice to have a bag not many people have.  And I just really love the unique shape!

An interesting fact that some people may not have known is Louis Vuitton bags do not go "on sale" you will not find a clearance bag like some designers do but there are some outlet Louis Vuitton stores that carry older season bags at a discount.  But you will not find a Speedy 35 or any of the bags I listed above on the sale rack so I better start saving.

Please note that this is all what I would like but I am not buying all of these bags anytime soon, I many never buy any of these bags I just like to look and "dream" about maybe buying one or all.  But odds are I would not buy these bags for years to come and it would be over my life time. 

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