Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get Ready for Summer with Sun Laboratories' Body Polisher!!

Sun Laboratories contacted me and offered to send me their Body Polisher to review and I am so glad I accepted because this is one of my new favorite products!

I explain everything clearly in this video below and also show each of the interchangeable heads in action but I thought a corresponding blog post so necessary.

For 59.95 you not only get the Body Polish but you also get a beach bag and the Juniper bath and body set :)

Facial Buffer
This is by far my favorite "brush" and I have never seen another brand have anything like it before.  This sponge like head is gentle but you still feel like it is getting deep into your pores.  This is by far my most used head and I can not speak highly enough about it.

Small Facial Brush
This brush is the classic brush everyone loves to use.  I really like it too, I will usually use this brush for my strong exfoliators and it leaves my face feeling refreshed and looking great.

Large Brush
This has to be my second favorite because it is much more exciting then a wash cloth when you are in the shower.  The brush size is large enough to cover a lot of area quickly but not to large where you feel as though you are not getting clean.

Pumice Stone
The best head for anyone with super dry feet, elbows, or knees.  This is greta at removing dead skin and smoothing out those rough areas without being to harsh and painful.  After I use this stone and the large brush I love to follow up with the Juniper Berry Hand and Body Lotion

In this awesome gift set you will get the a cleansing gel, exfoliating body gel, hand and body lotion and a loofah.  This set can be purchased on it's own or you ca buy it along with the Body Polisher for $59.95.  

Check out their website to see other great scents and all the other products they sell! :D

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