Saturday, March 26, 2011

Best Shampoo and Conditioners for Dry Damaged Hair

Mane n’ Tail and Body - I know this is meant to be used on horses but it is safe to use on human hair! And I also know some people might think it is a little strange to use something on your hair that is meant for horse but trust me it is worth it.

This line is suppose to make your hair grow faster, and give you strong, healthier hair. I am happy to say it has lived up to those claims.

I am already on my second bottle of the shampoo and I will continue to use it forever ;)

I have been it sold at Sally Beauty Supply, Wal-Mart, and drug stores. Shampoo and Conditioner both cost around 6 Dollars

Diamond Shine - As soon as I heard that these has diamond micro-particles I thought that was the coolest thing ever!

The shampoo is going to give your hair 2 times more shine and strength. Along with the diamond micro-particles the shampoo has panthenol, and keratin.

My hair feels great after I use these.

I found these at Sally Beauty Supply and I have not seen them anywhere else. And when you buy in the store they cost 6.99 each.

One n’ Only - This is the best shampoo if you do not want anything harmful in your products. It’s sulfate, phosphate, and paraben free but it still can get your hair clean. The shampoo has a nice lather and leaves my hair with a nice shine. The conditioner is super moisturizing.

When using both they claim to reconstruct, detangle and replenish, revitalize, and help weak damaged hair. I am quite pleased with the result when I use these two and I also love the whole line.

I bought these from Sally Beauty Supply and they were under 10 dollars.,default,pd.html

REDKEN Extreme - WOW is all I can say, this is by far my favorite. It smells awesome and I have never seem my hair in a better state then when I use the shampoo and conditioner. My hair is silky, has a great shine, soft, and my ends do not look dry or damaged.

If you only want to try one set that I mentioned I can honestly say these are the ones to get.

I bought them from Ulta when they were on a great sale. I am not sure how much I paid exactly but they cost $28.50 for the huge bottle but I think I got it for around 50 % off.

Joico Body Luxe - Joico makes some great products. I really enjoy how my hair looks after I use their Body Luxe shampoo and conditioner, my hair appears healthier and thicker and not limp and dry like it use to look.

Joico can be bought at salons that carry their products and I have also seem their products at Ulta. They cost around 8 dollars each so the price is not bad for a salon brand.


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