Monday, March 21, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

I love these Sally Hansen Salon Effects! They are probably one of the coolest things I have tried out in a while. And the fact that they are so easy to apply just make them that much better.

Pros -

Easy to apply - I am not the best at painting my own nails with nail polish and this is much easier. There is no mess that can be made on your own skin or anywhere else. They are so easy I had no problem applying them to both hands, usually with nail polish I have painting my right hand with my left hand and that was not the case.

No dry time - This is probably my favorite feature! I hate waiting for my nail polish to dry and I almost always mess them up. With these salon effects you can go right on with your day and not have to wait or limit the activities you can do.

Designs - I am no nail expect and I know I could never paint the awesome design they sell on my nails myself! They have lace, animal print, butterflies, floral prints and so many more!

Long lasting - Whenever I get my nails painted with nail polish or I paint them myself they end up chipping very quickly, like within the first day or two. With these nail strips I have not experienced any problems with chipping and by applying a clear top coat you can help them last longer.

Cons -

Price - These are on the expensive side costing $8.50 or more, depending on where you buy*. Yes a good bottle of nail polish cost around that but with nail polish you can paint your nails hundreds of times before you even get half way done with the bottle.

Quantity - I dislike that there are only 16 strips, I wish there were 20. While I did not apply them to all nails if I wanted to I would only have enough for all the fingers once and then just have 6 left over. Yes the strips are very long and you might be able to use half of the strip on another nail (and by doing that you would get more for your money) but what if your nails are very long and you need most of the strip to over your nail.

Colors - While they have awesome designs and a lot of colors to pick from all the solid colors are funky and bright. Yes I love crazy fun nails but I would like for them to come out with a few basic non neon colors. This is not a total a "con" because I am mostly pleased with the solid color selection.

Overall I would give these Sally Hansen Salon Effects a 8 of 10 because to me the only downside is the price.

While I have only tried one set this is an item I will repurchase and I look forward to trying out even more styles and colors :)

* Wal-mart sells them for the best price of $8.50. They were most expensive at CVS, coming in over 10 dollars! I have seen then at Walgreens, Target, and Stop and Shop all for around 9 dollars.

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