Thursday, March 24, 2011

Higher Quality Videos - Brand New Camcorder

I have been planning on investing in a HD camcorder for quite sometime. I knew I wanted a Canon because my digital camera is a Canon (it is a powershot SD 780 is) and at the time it was one of the best digital cameras Canon made. Now do not get me wrong I love that camera and it is awesome the only problem is it was not the best for video, I mean it is a digital camera so what do I expect, but it worked for the time being and gave me pretty good quality videos. So knew the brand I just needed to pick the model and there are so many different ones out there! The most expensive is not necessarily the best one, it all depending on what features you want. I did not need super fancy features but I did make a short list of what I wanted and I did not want to settle:

- First of course it had to be HD.

- Second I wanted a camera with a great focus, I wanted to be able to have it focus on small print and I wanted to be able to hold something up have it focus and then have the camera focus back on me quickly without it being blurry for more than 5 seconds.

- Third I wanted it to be able 6 Megapixel and while I am not able to explain exactly what a megapixel is I knew the higher the number the better.

I picked out a camcorder a few months ago and it ended up being discontinued so I could not find it anywhere :( I gave up and figured I would just wait till I could pick another camera I liked that was not crazy expensive.

In the last few days I start looking at camcorders again and came across the VIXIA HF S200, it was awesome and I really wanted it. However, when I went to my Best Buy they did not carry it. Not only did they not carry the S200 but they had very few camera out and most of the displays were empty. There was one display with no camera (it was just a sign) that caught my eye, the VIXIA HF S20 on sale for 200 dollars off! I figured that was a better camera and on sale is was less than the HF S200. But my Best Buy only had a used one and I did not want to buy a used camera.

Since there were no other HF S20s in my Best Buy an associate offered to call other stores and see if anyone else had the VIXIA HF S20 in stock and luckily on Best Buy did, it was just quite far but so worth the drive :)

Bottom line, at the end of the long day I came home with a better camera, VIXIA HF S20, it was on sale for a better price than the original one I was looking at, VIXIA HF S200 :D


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