Thursday, April 21, 2011

Best Makeup Removers

Cost - $3
Where I bought it - Target

Wipes or cloths are a quick and easy way to take off all your makeup. I have to admit I never use to like them and I do not know why but I am a huge fan now! I have tried loads of different brands and none we that great, either they bothered my skin, didn't fully remove my makeup or they left my skin feeling strange. I have even tried the MAC makeup wipes and they irritated my skin so much! I was red and itchy right after using one.
Now that is it spring and summer is coming up makeup wipes are a must have to keep in your bag or car. You never know when you want to jump in the pool or head to the beach to tan and you would not want your makeup running or getting in the way. Keeping these wipes by your bed is another must have stop, everyone has those nights when you are super lazy and they do not want to move out of bed, if these wipes are on your night stand you can just use one and not have to worry about going to bed with makeup on your face. And since these wipes are only 3 dollars they are affordable enough to buy multiples and put in different stops ;)

Cost - under $5
Where I bought it - Wal-Mart

While this product says it is oil free my skin still have the oily feeling after using it. I hate that feeling and that is why I do not reach for this product when taking off my makeup every night. However, it is an amazing makeup remover it can take everything and I mean everything off! If you like liquid makeup removers I have to tell you to try this one out.
The one time I do use this makeup remover is when I need to take off my false eyelashes or I have some eye lash glue stuck on my lash line/eye lashes. No other makeup remover can take that stubborn glue off.

Cost - $3-$4
Where I bought it - Wal-Mart

As I said in the video this is my favorite makeup remover out of all of them. It is the most gentle makeup remover I have ever used and the best part is it can still take off of your makeup even though it is that gentle. I can put it on my eyes and not worry about them burning or stinging and my eye liner, mascara, and eye shadows will easily be removed.
While this makeup remover does not foam when you add water I still feel as though it can cleanse my face. A little goes a long way with this product, which I love, and one bottle has lasted me quite sometime. I have just bought a new bottle and I know I will keep on uses this makeup remover, unless I find a better one ... which will be hard ;) haha

Cost - $6.99
Where I bought it - Wal-Mart

Before finding my St. Ives makeup remover this was my go to makeup remover for years! I loved it and I still do, I am just enjoying the St. Ives a little more now. This makeup remover was able to remove my makeup but it also deep cleaned my skin. I felt my skin tightening after I washed my face, and it was a tight "my pores are shrinking" my face is getting deep cleaned type of feeling not "my face is drying out and being stripped" kind of feeling.
The one downside to this product is when you tried to remove your eye makeup if this got in your eyes they would burn and string. I can not recommend using this to remove your eye makeup because of that problem but if you want to use this only for your face then it is perfect.
I also really like that when ever I used this I did not have to wash my face after with another cleanser, this is a great two in one kind of product. If only it would remove eye makeup a little better.

*the packaging is different but it is the same product
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