Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Disaster!!

How cute would those look together!
The Salon Effects on my all my nails and then that awesome
Sinful nail polish color on my ring fingers :)
It is in the color Pinky Glitter and was only $1.99 from Target.


And I have said many time how much I love these
Salon Effects and I have been non stop raving about them
BUT this package was disaster!!

The strips were hard and snapped easily. Most of them would not even stick to my nail.
It was like they were dried out but all the packaging was sealed.

When I finally got one to stick to my nail this is what happened.

They look terrible and as you can tell with my pinky nail I had to try and
put two strips together because I ran out of strips that were wide enough.

The mess I made!
I used up all the nail strips
and I did not even like how they came out.

I ended up just removing all the nails and painting them another color.

I do not know if I will buy another solid color from the line but I almost want to give it another try but if it fails again it will be a total waste of money!

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