Friday, April 8, 2011

Spring & Summer Swimwear Trends 2011

I think it is safe to say this one is my favorite bathing suit top! I love the colors and the anchor detail in the center of the top.
I found this at Target. I did not know this was a juniors bathing suit till I looked on the web site that is why I think the top was a little small, I felt as though it did not give me the best coverage and that is why I added the strap it came with.

Mix and Match
This top is perfect to go with almost any bottom. It came in a few different colors but I felt like I would get the most wear out of a classic black top. The strap on the top is removable and just added extract support. The bottom is fun and different and I think it is great that it has little stars in the print.
I bought both the Top & Bottom from Target
(I could not find the link to the bottom)

Bright Colors
A bright fun color like yellow is perfect for summer, it is great to show off how tan you got! And the flower detail is such a nice touch.
I bought this bathing suit last season but Target has plenty of fun bright colors this season too.

Detailed Bottom
Sometimes a fun bottom like this one would just look better with a simple top, you do not want to have to much going on. And having a detail like cheetah heads draws the eye to ones hips ;)
I purchased this one at the Victoria's Secret Outlet at least a year ago. But online and in select stores VS has a handful of bathing suits similar to this one.

Skirted Bottom
I think a skirted bottom is very cute. And it is not only perfect for those days that you are feeling a little self conscience but really any day!
I bought this from Kohl's last year and it is the brand ELLE. But a skirted bottom bathing suit can be found almost anywhere, it is a popular and cute trend. I have seen it everywhere from Bloomingdales to Target.

Covered Stomach
This is one of the most flattering styles. The ruched sides and ruffles along the bottom are a perfect touch to this coral orange suit. And I love that the bottom is separate so you can pair it with a bikini top if you, and I think a white one would look awesome with such a fun bright color!!
I found this great suit at Kohl's last year and the brand is ELLE. While they do not carry the exact same one they have similar ones at Kohl's and a handful of other stores.

Conservative Bikini
Not all bathing suits have to be "super sexy" and the tops being contacted with fabric and the full bottom make this an ideal bathing suit for more family appropriate outings.
I found this bathing suit at Ann Taylor a year or so ago but this conservative cut can be found at plenty of stores.


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