Monday, April 11, 2011


Royal & Langnickel
I paid 10 dollars for these brushes but online they are $19.99
The case is very fun and pink is one of my favorite colors.
As I said before I do not travel much so I like to use these brushes for everyday use. I believe these brushes are as high of quality as the companies full size brushes.
Powder Brush - Concealer & Lid Brush - Angled Liner & Angled Sponge Brush - Angled Blending & Fluffy Blending Brush - Paddle Foundation Brush

Royal & Langnickel
I paid 4 dollars for this brush but online it is $9.99
This brush is awesome. It is multi-purpose and a necessity in everyones collection. I love how it can apply shadow and then nicely blend it out.
The brush is perfectly tapered and the perfect density and fluffiness.

Inglot Cosmetics
The price ranges depending on what shape you buy and how many shadow you want in the palette

AMC 62 - AMC 61 - MATTE 376 - AMC 53 - AMC Shine 31

PEARL 423 - D.S 483 - PEARL 420 - AMC Shine 42 - AMC Shine 07

These shadows have the best color pay off ever. They are smooth and super pigmented. The eye shadows with glitter in them have the glitter nicely blended in, you do not feel the glitter in the colors at all.

MATTE 373 - Brow Powder 564 - I could not get this color out!! - Brow Powder 563 - AMC 63

I thought these colors would make the perfect matte smokey eye! They are pigmented but not chalky at all and two of the colors are made to use for your eye brows but they are perfect eye shadow colors for me :)

Nudes are very in this season with anything you wear from makeup and beauty products to shoes and eye wear.
I love this shape and color. This pair looks like they cost more than they really did. While I have my Gucci sunglasses I still like inexpensive frames too and I have no problem switching between my pairs.

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