Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Glasses!

I am sure most people did not even know I wore glasses! I think I wear them for a total of one week out of the whole year. I only wear glasses when I have to. Like when my eyes are bothering me and I can not wear contacts I wear glasses, so glasses are more for emergency situations for me.

I have not bought a new pair of glasses in quite sometime, probably about 3 years, and it was about time that I got a new pair.

I was torn between the pair I ended up buying and two others. The one I really loved was black and cheetah but the lady who worked there told me that my eye sight was so bad that the lenses I would need would not work in that frame, so those were out of the picture. The other pair was very cute and more wearable, they were plastic black frames with flower details. But I figured I would go with the one I bought for the opposite reason! These ones were crazy, different, and unique. I almost never wear glasses so why not get a fun pair that I would get bored with because of how I almost never wear them.

Want to see what the other glasses look like! I show them in this video on my second channel, honeyflower3onthego

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  1. Omg those are sooo cute! I need to get some glasses too!